Wills and Probate in Denver: Colorado’s Best Estate Attorneys

Wills and probate in Denver, Colorado can be a difficult process without an attorney. From start to finish, an estate planning attorney like Denver Estate Tax Planning can help you create your will so that your family has fewer problems during the probate process. Whether you are drafting a simple will or a living will, an estate planning attorney will ensure all the necessities are included and that your beneficiaries know how to distribute your assets. Before you begin writing your will, consult a wills and probate attorney in Denver.  

Living Will Creation in Denver 

Living wills are different from simple, joint, and testamentary trust wills. While those three types of wills involve distributing your assets after your death, a living will is enacted while you are still alive. It includes instructions on what to do if you are unable to communicate and need medical care. It designates who makes final decisions regarding your treatment and care, including lifesaving measures like life support.  

Living will creation in Denver can be complicated, as it involves choosing someone to make difficult decisions in the future. You should consider someone responsible and understand that if you enter a persistent vegetative state or are unable to communicate, this person will be the one to determine how to proceed with health care and other decisions during this time.  

Unlike other types of wills, living wills do not go through probate, as there is no estate administration while you are still alive. Additionally, the probate process takes too long to apply to a living will as many medical care decisions must be made quickly.  

The Wills and Probate Process in Denver 

While the wills and probate process in Denver does not apply to living wills, it is necessary for other types of wills. If you have a small estate, it will most likely not have to go through the wills and probate process in Denver.  

During this process, the probate court determines whether your will is valid. The probate process can be a lengthy one, involving authenticating the will, appointing a qualified personal representative, and locating the assets that representative must distribute among the will’s beneficiaries.  

Even with an uncontested will, the probate process can last over six months. If you die without a will, your assets take even longer to distribute, as there are no instructions for the personal representative to use while administering the estate.  

Failing to probate a will has consequences, too. If the personal representative does not probate the will, they may be subject to penalties like fines, at minimum. Depending on their intent, they may even face criminal liability and lawsuits, which makes it all the more critical that you hire a wills and probate attorney.  

Denver Estate Tax Planning Can Help 

If you need a wills and probate attorney, Denver Estate Tax Planning can help. They can ease the burden of estate taxes on your family following your death. Their qualified lawyers can also help you and your family understand the probate process, so there are no surprises later. They will ensure you create a valid will and help you prepare all your documents, whether you require a living will or a simple will.  

If you need a wills and probate attorney in Denver, CO, contact Denver Estate Tax Planning today at 720-893-8488.