John Ferguson is a lawyer focusing on business planning, succession planning, and estate planning. John has managed his own firm, John Ferguson PLC, for more than 20 years.  His previous experiences in criminal prosecution and defense, family law, and real estate round out his diverse background.  In addition, John has amassed significant trial experience.  John has traveled extensively and has served his community on numerous nonprofit and governmental boards.  He is Clerk of Session at Central Presbyterian Church of Denver and enjoys cooking and wine, music and theater, mystery fiction, and baseball.

A graduate of Alma College and of The George Washington University Law School, John Ferguson is licensed in Colorado, Michigan, and is pending in Arizona.

Wills and Trusts – Legal Documents:

In order to ensure that your wishes are carried out with your assets in the event of your death, it is vital that you have legal documents such as wills and trusts legally binding documents. Without a will, your assets such as property, cars, and monetary savings will be left to a probate court to make the decisions on who they will go to. Not only can your assets end up going to the wrong beneficiaries, but your assets will be more heavily taxed and have to pay out fees, resulting in less for your remaining family.

Denver Estate Tax Planning can help you avoid these problems by getting to know your unique situation and advising you on how to proceed.  As expert Estate Planning Attorneys, Denver Estate Tax Planning will help you understand what decisions you need to make regarding your wishes for your assets, as well as prepare legal Colorado wills and trusts.  By ensuring you have the full legal documentation needed, Denver Estate Tax Planning can give you peace of mind and help your family have a time free from unnecessary paperwork and stress after your death.

Estate Planning Basics:

denver-estate-planning-wills-and-trustsAn estate is everything you own (known as “assets”). At death, these assets are transferred (conveyed) to the new owner either by Court decision (Probate), or by you (outside of Probate). With a valid will, you decide who gets what. To control how your hard-earned assets will be conveyed, you must have a valid will. Reviewing your Will periodically insures it meets the changing conditions that best serve your interests.  Call Denver Estate Tax Planning today to schedule an appointment to take a fresh look at your will and any circumstances that might have changed which might affect your current estate planning strategy.

Don’t Put Off Estate Planning and Wills and Trusts

We never know how long we have left to get our personal matters in order.  Don’t put off your estate planning and leave a complicated mess for your family to deal with, call Denver Estate Tax Planning today for a free consultation and to get started on your planning your estate.  They can teach you about the use of wills and trusts as well as will explain the options available to you and make sure your money is maximized for those you choose to leave it to.

Denver Estate Tax Planning in Denver and Edwards, Colorado are dedicated to helping you put your affairs in order; they can advise you on delicate matters and make sure the loved ones you leave behind will be properly looked after.

Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation when it comes to all of your Estate Planning and Wills and Trusts needs.