Regardless of the size of your portfolio it is necessary to protect your assets and your loved ones by ensuring that you engage in planning your estate for the event of your death. There are many things that need to be seen to about your estate that go beyond the final pockets of your hard earned money and estate taxes these things need to be considered now. For your needs in planning your estate, you need to come to the estate planning attorney in the offices of Trace estate planning

●     An estate planning attorney with your best interest at heart

●     Planning your estate to protect your spouse and your children after you are gone

●     Looking beyond the vagaries of estate taxes in planning your estate


If you have young children then you will need to assign guardians for them. In fact all your dependents will need to have arrangements made for their continued care and protection should you be taken from them. While it might seem morbid to consider these things, the fact is that life can throw unexpected curve balls and you and your family need to be prepared for them

●     Estate planning attorney who will see your wishes carried out

●     Security for your children and loved ones following your death

●     Let us help you to ensure that insecurity and upheaval are not added to their grieving


Estate Taxes and Savings

There are methods that the rich use to save on estate taxes and with proper estate planning and a qualified estate planning attorney, these estate tax saving techniques can be utilized by even the most ordinary of persons. Allowing for these savings can help to save you and your family a lot of problems so that they can enjoy the fruit of your labors. Get started on the estate planning that can help you at each stage of your life so that you can live more freely.

●     Take advantage of all the tax break for your estate now

●     Be advised on the changes in estate planning laws and loopholes

●     Plan for your pets and aging parents when you plan your estate today



When planning your estate, you also need to understand that some of that planning includes your living as well as dying. It is important that the power of attorney be planned for in the event that you are unable to make some decisions for yourself. Measures that may need to be taken at the end of live should also be included in estate planning so that your wishes can be observed when you are unable to carry them out.

●     Be as independent in death as you are in life

●     Choose how your wishes will be observed

●     Take the end-of-life decisions from out of the hands of your loved ones


Estate planning can be an event that helps you to take a look at your own mortality. However, it is a necessary part of being responsible and continuing to care for those you love, especially those who are dependent on you. Give us a call today so that we can help you through this process.